CPD Lighting

CPD – Lighting design

Here at the lighting design studio we are often asked to give talks on lighting design. Although we are not affiliated with a CPD provider our lighting talks are an invaluable incite in to the latest lighting technology and lighting design in general.

Our talks cover the basics of lighting design and its a great way for our clients to get a good over view on lighting basics.

Typically our talks last for 45 minutes and would cover a variety of subject including:

  • Colour K
  • Colour rendering
  • Lamps LED
  • Energy
  • How we work with some example projects

If you have a particular area of lighting you would like us to concentrate on such as day lighting, external lighting,  LED lighting or lighting controls we can tailor our talk to suit.

Please do get in touch if you would like to visit and we will arrange a date and or time.

Our contact is info@lightingdesignstudio.co.uk