Garden Lighting Design

There is no doubt that lighting your gardens is a wonderful way of bringing the out side in. Here we give some top tips and discuss some effective ways to light your garden to help bring it alive at night.



1/ Silhouette Garden Lighting Effect

Silhouette effects work by lighting behind an object such as a tree or sculpture. This helps make the object stand out and can be a great way of creating drama and a focal point in the garden. To do this you need to light the surface behind the object such as a bush or wall which will then accentuate the silhouette of the object in front.


2/ External Lighting – Up lighting Trees

Up lighting trees can create depth to the space and can help to define the boundaries of a garden which would usually be lost in the darkness.
If you have large trees then up lighting can be a really dramatic way of increasing the sense of scale in the garden. A narrow beam flood light will help highlight the trunk and a wider beam can be used to highlight the foliage. Buried uplights and spike lights spikes are probably the most effective way of up lighting. Care should be taken to ensure that fittings are placed so that they are easy to maintain and do not effect root growth.


3/ Moonlighting – top garden lighting design tip!

This is a stunning effect and helps create a dappled moon light effect. Traditionally a white mercury vapor lamp is used with the fitting having a long snoot to hide the light source. A gobo projector  is sometimes used to accentuate the effect. White LEDs are effective tools for creating a similar effect as a a mercury lamp. To do it the light source needs to be mounted in the tree at high levele preferably lighting through the leaves and branches.  These can be strapped into trees at high level shining down to provide this dramatic lit effect.


4/ Step lighting

Small lights recessed in to the steps is a great way of making a feature as well as providing way finding. LED lights recessed every other step is a simple and economic way of doing it.

Hunza do a great range of external light fittings and would be our preferred manufacturer of choice. Light ideas are distributors for Hunza in the UK.

There are so many great ways to light your garden. Please get in touch and we will help give you some great tips, ideas and inspiration for your garden lighting design project.