KNX lighting control systems

We are often ask to recommend lighting control systems to control the lighting and provide scene set up and intelligent lighting control. But we are also increasingly getting asked to provide KNX lighting control systems.

This post tries to answer in the simplest of terms what KNX is and what it can do for your home.



Below lists some of the advantages of a KNX system.
  1. No central controller required (each device holds it own program) this means no central point of control
  2. Can work with mains dimming including LEDs, 1-10v, dali and direct KNX drivers
  3. KNX cable connects all KNX devices, while all the 230v cabling is home run to the distribution board with actuators (as a general rule)
  4. Over 300 manufacturers making products guaranteed to work together
  5. Can control lighting, heating, ventilation, irrigation, Audio etc
  6. Allows for remote access both for homeowner and programming purposes

KNX is an open inter ope-ratable standard successfully incorporates many different operating systems and control types and puts them in a simple to understand protocol that can be configured from one or multiple devices.

The main advantage of the KNX system over a lighting system such as  Lutron is that  it enables control of pretty much anything that has an electrical signal. It is also open source meaning that the range of components and manufacturers is huge.

A good source for these components can be found here:

That said due to the choice it is crucial that the system is set up by experienced KNX approved installers and engineers.

If you do have any questions on KNX or are interested in incorporating in to your home please get in touch.