lighting calculation

Lighting Calculations

The combination of experience with the evidence of desk top based lighting calculations is a useful tool for us to ensure that the lighting levels meet local and international standards.

We are able to build a complete model of the rooms and areas that we are considering and place the lighting exactly where we need it before the building has even been built!

This is an incredibly useful tool as ensures that the spaces that we are lighting aren’t over lit thus ensuring that optimum energy consumption is achieved. This is incredibly important for commercial spaces where the optimum number of light fittings with the correct light output and energy efficiency can make huge cost savings in the over all energy useage of the building.

For residential lighting we tend not to use so much lighting calculations as the spaces are more often about creating an ambiance which lighting calculations can help identify but typically it is more about a feel with the importance of being able to dim and control the lighting than creating a flat uniform light appearance. However it is very useful for calculating the light hitting an important art work.

We carry out lighting calculations in lighting design software Dialux, Relux and AGI32. They all have different querks making them useful for different scenarios.

Manufacturers produce a series of lumdat or IES files which have all the information such as the intensity and beam angle which are then able to import in to the model and quickly and accurately measure the lighting levels for the different scenario.

If you would like a hand with any lighting calculations for your projects please don’t hesitate to get in touch.