Retrofit LEDs

There are a number of good mains dimmable GU10 retrofit LEDs available on the market now. In some cases they still struggle to compete with existing lighting quality, but the energy and cost savings can’t be ignored. Here we list some tips for replacing existing lamps with LEDs.



  1. Go for the top brands retrofit LEDs and ask for long guarantees. Lower value products are not worth it in the long run, as they will fail and discolour.
  2. Check that there is no noise in the LED as some have a small fan inside which can cause a hum.
  3. If possible test all retrofits in the fitting first to ensure that they can fit the height and depth of the fitting.
  4. If you have dimmers check that the lamp is dimmable and compatible with your exisiting dimmer switches.
  5. Check that the base/socket is the correct type to ensure they fit into the light fitting.
  6. Go for lamps with a 2700K warm colour temperature which will closely match existing lighting.
  7. Check the voltage is correct for the LED lamp. Typically this will be 12v or 240 depending on the base.

If you do have any questions then get in touch with the Lighting Design Studio.